BRSEN rugged magnetostrictive position sensor

BRSEN® profile: Rugged sensor in demanding environments
Temposonics® RP perform reliability in even the most rugged industrial en-vironment. The profile model has proved to be the ideal choice where extreme dirt and dust are encountered. Complete encapsulation in a profiled aluminum housing effectively protects the sensor element against damage. The sensor offers flexible mounting configurations and easy installation. Position measure-ment is wearless by means of magnet heads which require no power supply. Here you have a choice of two versions:
• A sliding magnet running in profile housing rails. Connection with the mobile
machine part is via a ball jointed arm to take up axial forces.
• A floating magnet, mounted directly on the moving machine part, travels
over the profile at a low distance. Its air-gap allows the correction of small misalignment at installation.
BRSEN® rod: High pressure design
Just like the sturdy profile model, the rod design is also suitable for even the toughest industrial environments. Temposonics® RH with a pressure-resistant stainless steel flange and sensing rod is suitable for use in hydraulic cylinders and externally in all applications where space is a problem. High-precision position measurement is via ring or U-magnets travelling along the sensing rod without any mechanical contact.