Security advices for cable displacement sensors

Warning: in the event that a malfunction of the cable displacement sensor could have serious consequences on people orequipment, it is necessary to provide additional mechanisms to maintain a good level of safety and to avoid major breakdowns.
SCAIME disclaims all liability in the event that these advices are not followed.
The sensors must only be used within the limits of the characteristics specified in the individual data sheets.
The connection to a power supply must be in accordance with the current safety standards for electrical equipment.

Do not disassemble the sensor ,the spring is strained and can cause injury while relaxing.
Do not let go suddenly the cable,sudden return can cause injury,The sensor will be irreparably damaged.
Do not pull the cable more than the full stroke (EM),cable can break and cause injury,the sensor will be irreparably damaged.
Do not exceed the max supply voltage,cause injury (to damage electronic card) ,the sensor will be irreparably damaged.
Do not drop or shock the sensor,the sensor will be irreparably damaged.