How to solve smart pressure switch display problem

1. BRSEN visits a large customer’s company

Recently, BRSEN received a feedback from a large customer about smart pressure switch JEF104. It has been displayed on the meter after power-on, but the value displayed does not change after adding pressure (pressure is changing).

How to solve smart pressure switch display problem

BRSEN urgently sends a research and development team to the site to investigate the problem and find out the reasons.

3. BRSEN investigates on site


4. BRSEN adjusts on site

After a series of tests and research,BRSEN discovers the reason. When the motor is energized, a magnetic field is generated, and the generated magnetic field will interfere with the smart pressure switch operation, resulting in abnormality of the pressure switch.

5. BRSEN product application

After finding this conclusion, BRSEN formulates an improvement plan to enhance the anti-interference ability of the product, and improves the EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) anti-interference level so that the product can be used normally.