Notes on Daily Use of Digital pressure gauge

Digital pressure gauges have high accuracy, high stability, error ≤ 1 %, internal power supply, micro-power consumption, stainless steel case, strong protection, beautiful and exquisite features. It is a common measuring device and is widely used in various fields. It can visually show the pressure changes in each process, see the formation of conditions in the product or medium flow, monitor the safety trends in the production process, and pass the automatic linkage or sensing device.

The following should be noted in the use of digital pressure gauges:

1, the digital pressure gauge general verification period is half a year. Compulsory verification is a legal measure to ensure the technical performance of digital pressure gauges, the accurate transmission of quantitative values, and the effective guarantee of safe production.

The range of pressure used for digital pressure gauges shall not exceed 60 to 70 % of the scale limit.

3, digital pressure gauge for the measurement of the medium is corrosive, then must be based on the specific temperature, concentration and other parameters of the corrosive media to select different elastic component materials, otherwise it will not achieve the expected purpose.

The accuracy of the working digital pressure gauge is expressed as a percentage of the allowable error as a limit of the dial scale. Precision levels are generally marked on the dial. When selecting a digital pressure gauge, the accuracy should be determined according to the pressure level of the equipment and the actual work needs.

5. Dialog diameter In order for the operator to be able to see the pressure value accurately, the diameter of the dial of the digital pressure gauge should not be too small. If the digital pressure gauge is high or far from the post, the diameter of the dial should be increased.

6. Pay attention to the daily use of maintenance, regular inspection, cleaning and good use of records. The figures show that the pressure gauge can work as usual for a long time in a vibrating environment, and the visual display does not cause visual errors; However, traditional contact pressure gauges can not do this.

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